Creating New Event (Match or CASE):

  1. Go to the Matches Page ( and choose NEW MATCH:
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    Match Title


    Start/End Times

    Location (use whatever range it’s hosted at)

    Match Director (if applicable)
  3. Next you need to create tickets which we will later restrict to only people with C.A.S.E. membership. If a CASE member tried to buy a match and does not have a membership one will automatically be added to their shopping card. This is controlled via a PHP script which will need to be updated each year to ensure the current membership is added. Instructions for this are on a different location (TBD).
  4. Select the Ticket Settings and enter in:

    • Maximum number of tickets the match will handle (50 normally), known as Shared Capacity
    • Match logo. Simply choose the logo of the range the match is at.
    • Choose Save Settings.
  5. Next select New Ticket to create the first of a few ticket types (RO, ARO, Setup and Regular)
  6. Create the RO tickets first:

    Type: Ranger Officer
    Price: $0 (makes it free for ROs)
    Capacity: 5 (it’s limited and part of the 50 ticket pool)
    Description: Duh.
    Start Sales: Date/Time it will allow purchasing from (timezone is PST)
    End Sales: Date/Time is ends (usually a few days before match to allow admin stuff)
    SKU: Doesn’t matter too much, but recommended to have the date and ticket typeClick SAVE TICKET when done.
  7. Create a new ticket for the AROs with mostly the same info. We restrict theses tickets later.

    Click SAVE TICKET when competed.
  8. Create the Setup Ticket

    Click SAVE TICKET when complete
  9. Create the Regular Match ticket

    Click SAVE TICKET when complete
  10. Choose the Matches category on the right hand side so that this ticket will show correctly during searches.
  11. Select ‘Set featured image’ to show the range logo
  12. Choose the logo you wish to use for the match
  13. Save the featured image:
  14. Choose Publish (or save draft if you are not finished)
  15. We need to set all the restrictions on the tickets which we do on the Products page:
  16. First set the product category so it shows up in the searches:
  17. Next set the maximum products per user to one so that only one ticket can be bought. Two places need to have this set for it to work correctly

  18. Now we add the restriction so that only ROs or ARO or CASE members can buy the respective ticket. Choose Add New Rule
  19. Add the following restrictions, depending on the ticket type:
    Regular and Setup Ticket:

    ARO tickets:

    RO tickets:
  20. If you have created a C.A.S.E. match we need to ensure that the public can buy a ticket. If that is the case, choose to disable restrictions:
  21. Select the CASE as the category so it shows up in the searches and CASE listing:
  22. Once you have set the restrictions on the ticket, choose “Update” in the top right-corner of the page.
  23. You will need to set the restrictions for each ticket or else members of the public can buy things they shouldn’t and you will be scolded.

Once you have completed all the above steps it’s best to clear the site cache (not your browser) so that all the new info is presented.

NOTE: If this is a C.A.S.E. qualifier that you have created, the tickets should be restricted to the Upcoming CASE Wait List Members membership group. This will allow you time to contact the waitlist members and give the people on the waitlist the first chance to get a spot. After about a week or when they have all purchased a spot (or whenever you want), feel free to remove the restriction and open ticket purchases up to the public. Refer to step 19 above for instructions on restricting tickets to specific memberships.

That should be it ?


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