What is DSSBCA?

The Dynamic Shooting Sports (British Columbia) Association is a Society founded in 2015 with the following purpose:

“The Association exists to promote safe and responsible participation in dynamic shooting sports.”

The first two Clubs to affiliate with DSSBCA have been Thompson Mountain Sportsman Association and Chilliwack Fish and Game Protective Association. We are actively working with several other clubs in BC to further facilitate the growth of action shooting sports.

DSSBCA was registered as a formal Society to facilitate expanding dynamic shooting sports. As a Society DSSBCA may acquire insurance, a bank account, and own property. It is hoped that the Society will allow interested Clubs to pool their resources and purchase equipment and props to facilitate hosting matches. It also provides the framework for additional Clubs to raise or formalize their own dynamic shooting sections.

DSSBCA created the CASE qualifier program to assess participants competency and safety with a firearm in a dynamic shooting environment. This practical exam satisfies Host Club needs to demonstrate Due Diligence prior to allowing events within their club location.

Volunteerism and sportsmanship are central tenets of DSSBCA; participant Clubs pledge match organizers will never be paid, and prizes will never be distributed based upon placement. Any monies raised through DSSBCA activities must be returned to the Society for use by the Membership to further the community of sport shooting competitions. Prizes are awarded as participation “door prizes” so even the newest participants have a chance at winning.

As a Society DSSBCA has Annual General Membership meetings, and Members may have their say in the functioning of the Society, including reviewing financial statements and voting upon Directors to lead the Society.


“The Association exists to promote safe and responsible participation in dynamic shooting sports.

The TacMatch Genre and Our Community Values

Amoung the many available shooting events available for sport shooting enthusiasts, the “TacMatch” genre of sporting events is unique.

Our mission is to host fun, open, and inviting shooting events with a relatively relaxed competitive environment. New shooters are welcome to attend! While we do keep score, our events are as much social as they are competitive. Most of us are comparing our scores against a friend’s score or against a personal best and not striving for “international placement” in competition. None of us are going to the Olympics, we just want to have some fun with our sport at our local gun range.

We have typically accepted participants with:

  • any shoulder mounted centerfire firearm from an SKS to AR-15 to Garand, from Glock conversion stocks to pistol caliber carbines,
  • from factory iron sights to optics worth more than a nice rifle
  • from cargo pants to complete load bearing gear

all with:

  • no regard to competitive “classes” or “divisions”
  • no restrictions on equipment choice or dress codes within reason, (please no racism, no sexism, no profanity – we can refuse registration based on attire)
  • a relaxed adherence to foul lines and target engagement order. (Unless infraction is safety related. Hey, we need some structure to make sure everything is safe! but we’ll often “tip off” newcomers to missed targets or provide a few hints for approaches to a stage)

Most of our participants are not interested in the pressure or politics that come with competing at an international level. We don’t worry too much about foul lines except for the challenge that they present to us. We don’t go asking for re-shoots when we have a bad run. We don’t go asking for “reviews” of another participants performance to try and get them penalized to improve our standings.

Most of our rules are driven by safety requirements, not regulation for perfect competitive equality. While we keep score, our prizes have generally been by draw not by match placement (aka “door prizes”). These sentiments are not generally held by highly competitive shooters from some of the larger international sport shooting groups.