DSS Matches

Typical Match Day Schedule

You should arrive by 8:00am sharp! We are usually done for the day around 3pm so you can be home and cleaned up before dinner time (no guarantees on end time, it depends on the number of participants that day).

  • 8:00 – Arrive by 8am for registration, uncasing, and stapling up targets, etc.
  • 8:30 – Safety Briefing (If you miss registration or the safety briefing you may not be permitted to participate!)
  • 9:00 – Start of Match
  • ~12:00 – Lunch Break
  • ~14:30 – Clean-up
  • ~15:00 – Announce Scores/Placements and Handout Prizes (This is intentionally after the clean-up, if you don’t contribute you aren’t eligible for door prizes)

What do I need to bring?

  • Valid PAL and valid DSSBCA membership
  • Must have completed your prepaid match registration via website!
  • A reliable semi-auto firearm; rimfire is acceptable thanks to the moronic OIC.
  • Multigun matches may also require a pistol and/or shotgun.  Pistols must be centrefire; any pump or semiauto shotgun is permitted.
  • 6 or more 5 round magazines (each stage may require up to 26 rounds which is 5 x 5 round magazines plus one in the chamber before the start signal beep)
  • Alternatively, if your firearm accepts pistol magazines… 4 or more 10 round magazines.
  • Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition (250-300 rounds recommended if you are not a “perfect shot”) Shotgun ammo must be lead “target-loads”.  Steel core ammo may not be used on metal targets, so ensure you have other ammo if you’re shooting x39mm…
  • High Visibility Chamber Flags
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Quality boots or shoes (It can get muddy and the ground is not even – hiking boots are great!)
  • We suggest load bearing equipment to hold your magazines.  You can use your pockets on CASE!
  • Backpack or range bag to carry extra supplies (more ammo, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray)
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing – we shoot rain or shine